Terms & Conditions

Your mobile app needs a Terms and Conditions if you want to stop abusive users, terminate access or accounts at your sole discretion, and enforce rules and guidelines that you set. It's the set of rules that users must follow to access, use and continue to use your app.


Think of your Terms and Conditions agreement as the legal agreement where you maintain your rights to exclude users from your app in the event that they abuse your app, and where you maintain your legal rights against potential abusers of your app, and so on.

User Benefits

Your users will benefit by having an explanation of their rights, rules they must follow, and what they can expect when using your app.

A Terms & Conditions agreement can help users understand what is expected of them by explaining things like how payments must be made, what a user must refrain from doing, and how to reach customer support with any concerns or for assistance.

Terms and Conditions For Simple Apps

Some mobile apps are extremely simple. These simple apps just present information or content to a user. Users may be able to search the app, as in the case of a dictionary app or news content app, but the interaction will be limited. There is no user-generated content or purchasing functionality.

These kind of apps tend to have more basic Terms and Conditions than more complex types of apps. Common clauses for these simple apps include:

  • Retention of Rights of Ownership/Ban on Infringement

  • Retention of the Right to Change the App at Any Time

  • Restriction on App Abuses

  • Disclaimer of Warranties and Liabilities

  • Retention of Right to Terminate/Ban Users

Terms and Conditions are great for limiting and restricting unwanted and undesirable behavior or activity on your mobile app no matter how simple or complex your app is.